Tutorial How to Optimize WordPress SEO

Cara mengoptimalkan SEO Wordpress

SEO optimizing techniques, now a trending topic among bloggers and creators as well as website developers. This technique allows the website quickly indexed and ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo , Bing and others.

SEO techniques themselves continue to grow following the rules of the search engine for easy indexed. Then why is this so important?

The answer is because now the internet media is a primary requirement. Information from around the world can be seen through the media. On the other hand many companies want to advertise their products so that the website of information providers as a place to advertise.

Advertisers must also choose where to advertise the crowded visitors. They do not want to place their ads on websites that have less traffic because they want their ads to reach so many people that they know the advertised product.

This visitor traffic is always being pursued by bloggers and website managers. The more visitors on the website the more chance the rupiah generated. Especially if using the services of advertisers such as Google AdsensePropellerAds and other advertising services.

For some websites it takes skill programming to optimize website SEO. That is if using the Website natively. Different if using CMS WordPress for website, have available some plugin to optimize SEO WordPress.

What are the steps to optimize WordPress SEO? Here are some helpful ways.

1. Improve the performance of your WordPress website

Response time on the website is very influential on SEO. Response time is the time it takes the hosting server to process the request and send it to the client.

The smaller the response time server the better. With the small response time of a server, the search engine bots and crawlers will more quickly index the pages on the website.

WordPress users usually experience resistance to response time because of the many plugins that are activated. For that, simply plug in a plugin that is really important if you want the website immediately indexed by search engines.

2. Install plugins to optimize SEO

Many WordPress plugins have been designed to optimize website SEO. It is however advisable not to install and activate many plugins. If there is an SEO plugin that all-in-one simply install the plugin in WordPress.

One of the recommended plugins to optimize SEO WordPress is Yoast SEO . This plugin has enabled us to configure the website to optimize in per-SEO’s.

3. Optimize your website content

The optimal content here is the content that is feasible and comfortable to read by visitors. Create non-rigid website content, not content intended for robots. In addition, if the content you create is an article, create an optimal length of article, usually around 300 words.

Also note that does not mean long articles can optimize SEO. The weight of the article also greatly affects how quickly search engines index and rank your website.

In some SEO techniques, the SEO masters advise that in creating a website must determine the theme of the website or commonly called the niche site .

After determining the niche for the website, try the content in the website is consistent with the niche that has been selected. An example is if the theme of the website is about motoGP, then any content on the website is recommended to discuss about motoGP, instead of discussing something unrelated to the niche.

The more detail the niche website will be the better. Thus, search engine robots will be easy to know our website niche and easy in positioning it in search ranking.

The selection of a niche on the website is also not done just like that. The SEO masters advise to choose an attractive niche and can attract visitors to our website.

We must know first who our target audience. Next create content that interest them to read the contents, or at least make them curious so soon visit the website that we make.

For those of you who find it difficult in choosing a niche website, can use Google tool to find a good niche that is Google Adwords .

In addition to niche websites, the selection of website templates is also very influential on website SEO.Try to choose a template with a color that is not so striking. What is needed right now is as quality content on your website. In addition, a good template is a template that is not heavy when loaded.

There are many templates available in WordPress, both free and premium. Choose the optimal template and in accordance with your website.

4. Stay patient and consistent

Managing a website is not as easy as it seems. We can not just produce the coffers of rupiah when wesbite was first built. Patience is very necessary in developing the website. You will fail if in a hurry to get the coffers of rupiah through the website you create.

Remember, you are not alone in this websie business. Many competitors out there are also trying to earn money through the website. However the unique niche website you create, there will be other websites that have the same niche with your website.

The way to get a good ranking on search engines is to remain patient and consistent in developing websites that have been built. Those who have enjoyed the results of the websites they created have worked hard so far in researching, developing, and marketing their websites. So do not think to relax and get a big income through the website you create.

Applying techniques to optimize WordPress SEO will make it easier for websites to get ranked on search engines. But the main thing is how you create interesting website content that will increase the number of visitors your website.

May be useful.

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